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Eric M. Bernstein & Associates, L.L.C., is a law firm that prides itself on having decades of experience, advanced knowledge in complex and growing areas of law, and a commitment to quality results for our clients. The firm specializes in:

  Employment and Labor Law (Private and public)
  Government and Municipal Law
  General Litigation
  Land Use and Environmental Law
  Education Law
  Election Law
  Internet Law / First Amendment Law
  Media & Telecommunications Law

Our lawyers are recognized as leaders in these fields and our continuing, long-standing representation of clients, both private and public, confirms this recognition. We understand that a lawyer's value is more than answering abstract legal questions; it is producing measurable results within the law itself and illuminating the practical impact a legal decision could provide.

At Eric M. Bernstein and Associates, L.L.C., we make it our business to understand your business, whether it is big or small, by addressing complex legal problems with creative and flexible solutions. Your calls and questions will be answered promptly, in accessible language, and with an eye toward your stated goals and real-life applications.

Our approach is reinforced by our reputation for good transaction management. And our depth of practice areas allows the firm to bring resources from various fields, increasing the level of support, knowledge, and legal options/strategies we offer our clients.


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The New Jersey law firm of Eric M. Bernstein & Associates, L.L.C. provides personalized client services in complex areas of law.

Eric Martin Bernstein, Esq. - Principal
Philip G. George, Esq. - Of Counsel
Brian M. Hak, Esq. - Of Counsel
Phillip A. LaPorta, Esq. - Of Counsel
Dominic P. DiYanni, Esq. - Associate


Eric M. Bernstein & Associates are experienced attorneys in the following practice areas:
  Labor & Employment Law
  Municipal & Government Law
  Land Use and Environment Law
  Litigation Law
  Internet Law / First Amendment Law
  Education Law
  Election Law
Media & Telecommunications Law

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