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OK, so you’ve got a web site. Now what?

As many business, individuals and public entities have gone online, they’ve discovered there are legal pitfalls just as damaging as any computer virus. Given the newness of the Internet media, there are many opportunities to unintentionally violate regulations and, even more common, to open oneself up to the exploitation of others.

That’s where the Law Offices of Eric M. Bernstein and Associates come in. In response to the enormous calling to Internet legal issues, we expanded our practice to help clients steer through the complexities of the World Wide Web. Our lawyers are available on a variety of levels, all aimed at protecting our clients' property and rights.

We conduct client seminars; provide consulting services; perform trademark registration; review web sites, tax issues, international regulations, and contract needs; provide regulatory advice; evaluate domain name issues, and more.

Among the most common matters we handle are:

Employment Issues such as drafting and evaluating company Internet, Intranet and e-mail policies, analyzing statutory and common law implications of e-mail and remote video monitoring, and evaluating unique employer liability issues arising out of the employees' use of the Internet, Intranet, and e-mail.

Contract Issues inherent in hyper linking agreements, licensing agreements, web hosting agreements, web site development, and consultant referrals.

Content Issues relating to Internet attacks and spam, e-mail, information security, and content liability issues such as invasion of privacy, defamation, and false advertising.

Trademark and Copyright Liability arising from the use of marks, meta tags, music, and hyper-linking.

E-commerce Issues relating to e-money, electronic payments and credit transfers as well as privacy policies.

Domain Name Issues such as registration, trademark infringement, international issues, monitoring, dispute resolution, and InterNIC.

Jurisdiction Issues such as conflicting state laws, international liability, and sales tax matters.

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